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Hey guys welcome to Enloe chiropractic!
I always tell my patients that chiropractic can help everything but rigamortus.
Or can it???
No sorry guys just my imagination getting sidetracked again.
I could go to the funeral home and adjust those corpses all day long. Are they going to get better?
Because they no longer have that spark of life in them. Its life that does the healing.
Chiropractic works with the spark of life that God put in you.
Its in each and every one of us.
It’s in you.
And it’s in me.
It doesn’t need any help.
It just doesn’t need any interference.
And that’s where I come in.
As your chiropractor I locate and remove the interference to that life force in your body so that your body can function at 100%
Come to enloe chiropractic life center and see just how healthy you can be today.