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Hey guys!
I’m searching for the secret to health.
True health
Can you help me find it?
Is Health in this lost ruin?
Wow its dark and scary in here.
There is a lot of treasure in here. But the treasure I’m looking for is Health.
Health is wealth!
Uh Ooh it’s not here! Run!!!!!!
Where are we now?
Is Health in the rain forest of south America?!
Wow! It’s beautiful!!! Look at all these wonderful plants and creatures. Could the secret to health be here?
Nope this is definitely not good for my health!!! Run!!!!
Where are we now?
Is health found in a pharmaceutical company?
Is this where we find the secret to health?
I don’t think health comes in a bottle or a pill.
Where are we now?
The brain and spinal cord the nerve system?
Why are we here?
What is that? a spark of life?
That’s it!!!!
The secret to health is a properly functioning nerve system!
As a chiropractor I remove interference to the nerve system, so your body can function at its best!
At Enloe chiropractic my greatest adventure is helping restore you to maximum health!