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Many of you, like me, grew up watching Sesame Street. But, my favorite show came on right after Sesame Street. My favorite show was called “The Electric Company. It was my favorite show because my favorite super hero was on that show. The real-life Spiderman was on that show. He would swoop in on his web and he would defeat the villains…they would put a bubble caption above his head with whatever he had to say. He never spoke a word, but he was my hero. And guess what…he’s my patient today. That’s right. Your heard it right. Spiderman is my patient today.

He actually brought his suit into my office so I could see it. It’s so old…cause it’s from the 70s…that the red is  fading to pink. He still wall-crawls. He still web-slings, and this year, in May, he’s going to turn 80 years old! Isn’t that incredible?

I asked him, “Spidey, what do you do and how do you do it….keep fighting crime well into your 80s?’ And he told me, “John, it is because of regular chiropractic adjustments.” Wow! My hero loves my chiropractic adjustments.

the is your friendly neighborhood chiropractor telling you…even heroes need chiropractic adjustment. Thank you.