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Greetings my young padawans!

The force is strong with you!

The life force!

That spark of life that God put in you that controls all things in your body!

As your chiropractor my job is to locate and remove the disturbance in the force that controls your body!

Once the force can flow through you! You will be at maximum health, and you won’t be drawn toward the dark side of sickness and disease!

Drugs aren’t the answer you’re looking for!
Surgery is not the answer you’re looking for!

Chiropractic is the answer to all life in the universe!

With a properly functioning nerve system the force will be strong with you!!!

May the force be with you!

Enough with the Star Wars stuff.

Seriously. That spark of life that God put in you is with you throughout your life.
It doesn’t need any help; it just doesn’t need any interference.

As your chiropractor I remove the interference to the nerve system, so that your body can achieve optimum health.
It’s really that simple.

We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I look forward to making the force strong with you at Enloe Chiropractic.